Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Release: Momma's Boy

I never understood the connection a little boy has with his Mommy, until I had one of my own. My lil' man is truly a Momma's Boy. He loves to cuddle and I'm the only one who can make boo-boos go away. I can't imagine him grown up and finding someone who loves him more than me. You moms with boys can understand...hopefully Momma's Boy word art will help capture those sweet photos of you and your little boy. It's on sale for $2 for one week.

If you have a little girl too, how about grabbin' this bundle - Mother's Love combines Mommy & Me and Momma' Boy together in one great package. It's on sale for $5 for one week.

Here's a layout I created using Momma's Boy...

Need some more inspiration, check out what my great CT created...

1 comment:

  1. What a cute bundle! I have three daughters and one son, so I can use both. But I sure do know what you mean about that special something between mommy and son! He was also the baby until 14 months ago, so I'm sure that made a difference too. (He's 15 now!)