Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Princess of the Month: Belle & Mask Frames

"For who could ever learn to love a beast?"

That's the last line of the opening narration in the movie Beauty & the Beast.  And we all know who fell in love with the beast...Belle did.  And for February, Belle is the Princess of the Month.  Mommy Made This and I are back with a new kit and a new template pack...just for you.  Check out the awesome shades of yellow, touches of red and purple and blue.  So pretty.  Even Cogsworth & Lumiere make an appearance.

When I thought of Belle, I thought of books, which turned into block-style templates.  Grab my template pack at 50% off for one week. 

Image is linked to product in store.

Here's Colleen's awesome kit:

Check out what I made...

Need more inspiration?  Here's what my awesome CT created using these templates:

Here's something else for you?  Sports Mask Frames add a fun little something to your athletic layouts.  Clip a paper to it or change the color to fit your page.  If you were unable to make it to the Speed Scrap I hosted on Monday, you missed out on getting these for free.  But no worries...they're on sale starting tomorrow, at 50% off.  I threw in a little extra one too, the LOVE mask frame that was offered as a freebie in the Valentine's Day edition of the store newsletter.

My CT is amazing.  Here is what they created using these masks:

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