Sunday, May 12, 2013

Speed Scrap #174

Join me today for a, uh, a Slow Scrap.

Yep, I said a Slow Scrap. Life has been going too fast lately. Work is chaotic, our oldest is preparing to finish her Junior year and plan for college, and our youngest is a wild child. So...I'm mixing things up a little. I have to go into work on Mother's Day. Most would think that's a bad thing, and although I'd love to stay home all day and relax, no one will be in the building so I'm guaranteed a few hours of silence. I wish I could choose to stay home, but deadlines are'm letting you choose.

The first three steps will be posted at 9am (5/13/13).
The next three steps will be posted at 2pm.
The last step will be posted at 8pm.
You can use the rest of the time to chat or scrap.

It's your choice.  Head over to the forum and join the fun.

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