Friday, September 5, 2014

Temptations 34 & 35

In addition to She Sought Grace, Wendy Tunison Designs has got two new template sets for you this week!  Temptations 34 and Temptations 35 will be 30% off during their introductory week!
Here's a peek at what our CT created with this set (click to see them full size)...
Are you ready for more awesome layouts from our amazing creative team?
Don't forget to pick up She Sought Grace before the 7th!
Wt_SSG_Alpha copyWt_SSG_BNP_alpha2 copy
Wt_SSG_BNP_e1 copyWt_SSG_BNP_e2 copy
Wt_SSG_BNP_e3 copyWt_SSG_Clusters copy
Wt_SSG_BNP_pap1 copyWt_SSG_BNP_pap2 copy
Wt_SSG_graf1 copyWt_SSG_Lingo1 copy
Wt_SSG_Lingo2 copyWt_SSG_graf2 copy
Wt_SSG_JC copy
And coming this Saturday to the Super Saturday Sale are these three great kits!
Wt_AGentA_full_snp copy
Wt_AELife_full_snp copy
Wt_Arabesque_full_snp copy

Have a great day!

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